Monday, March 4, 2013

Semester Nears Completion

We've two and a half weeks left until the end of the Winter quarter which will mark the 1/4 mark in my watchmaking education at NSCC.  I have already learned a great deal and have noticed that my proficiency in manufacturing, manual dexterity and coordination have improved tremendously. 
Today our assignment was to construct two parts for an ETA 6497.  We were to make a yoke and a set lever jumper.  The yoke engages and moves the sliding pinon which either drives the winding of the mainspring or the setting of the hands; the set level jumper locates the set-lever and by extension the yoke in either position.
It took all day but I was able to finish in just one day.  The process was fairly straight forward, I took the existing parts and superglued them on a piece of steel plate and used them as a template to saw out a rough approximation.  Once this was complete I filed the profile to shape then secured them to the plate adapter for my screwhead polisher with shellac and applied a polish in that manner.
After test fitting the parts I made adjustments with fine sandpaper to the profile of the shapes before applying a polish to the edges with micron paper.
Now that those are complete my next task is to construct a smaller piece for one of my grandfathers old wrist watches.  The part is much smaller and the metal is considerably thinner which should provide an additional challenge.  I'll post my results once I finish.

Secured to the polisher plate
The polisher in use
The completed parts

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