Thursday, April 24, 2014

Metric reaming

Got to use the new set of metric reamers today to increase the inner diameter of a pully so it can be fixed to the shaft of a lathe motor.   It's provides a very smooth finish and required little effort on my part thanks to the mill's automatic worm feed system. 

The milling machine

Closeup of 8mm reamer

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Case Ring

In the runup to SAWTA 4 I have had extra time during preparations, so I have continued work on the brass chronograph case.
I have turned a one inch piece of pvc conduit into a suitable casing ring for the Omega 321.
Now comes the turning of the case.   The main challenge with this is going to get the workpiece centered properly for the final dimensioning.  The 3 and 6 jaw chucks are not suitable for maintaining perfect concentricity.   I will probably have to use a centering scope and the 6 jaw chuck with some shimming to get close enough when working on seperate sides of the case.