Wednesday, March 6, 2013

More springs?

My grandmother gave me one of my grandfathers old wristwatches a while back.  The case and crown are pretty much destroyed but the movement is in good condition.  The only thing wrong was that the set lever jumper arm had broken off.  Because I had finished making that same part for the 6497 I spent the first couple hours today manufacturing a replacement for it.  It turned out quite well I think, and now the watch if back to full functionality--or will be when I replace the balance assembly that I may have inadvertently destroyed.

My next task is to attempt to manufacture a hammer spring for an Omega 321 chronograph movement.  Several attempts have been made by students over the last couple years with no success...we will see if my technique turns out a useable part.  The finish on the spring isn't the difficult part as the movement doesn't have a super high-level finish.  The trick with the manufacturing of this spring is that it is very long and extremely thin which makes the final dimensioning difficult.  Another hurdle is that getting the correct angle and locating the steady-pins without the original part is going to be hit and miss.  I have nearly completed my first attempt but I anticipate another couple tries before I have a winner.  We shall see.

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