Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Omega Constellation Overhaul

Today I started work on a Omega ladies Constellation.  The watch was experiencing intermittent stopping, the band and case were also quite scuffed up. 

To attempt to remedy the problem, in addition to installing a fresh battery I took the entire movement apart then cleaned and reassembled it.  The calibre of the movement is 1456, but we only had a tech sheet for a 1458 but this proved close enough for most figures and oiling schematics.  I have completed the overhaul of the movement and it has been keeping time for at least a couple of hours so far.  I have it on the watch winder for the night and we will see if it kept time when I return in the morning.

I also hard-buffed the steel link segments, white rouge buffed the gold links then used the bufflex wheel to apply lateral brushing on each steel link.  It turned out quite nicely, nearly as good as new!

The last step in the process is to take the case apart and refinish the frame and bezel.  The tricky part there is that Omega uses 4 small clamps that hold the bezel on and without the proper tool it is nearly impossible to get them back on properly.  I have an idea what the tool looks like though, so I may end up turning out my own on the lathe and fitting it onto the crystal press.  Will be an interesting process.  I will make sure to post final results.

The watch with a link removed to allow access to the caseback.  That little pin sure put up a fight.

Hand remover tool with handless dial

Dial, removed.  Notice the beautiful pearlage finishing to the dial plate.  No one but the watchmaker will ever see this touch.

It's a good idea to cover up the extremely delicate coil with a buff stick when working nearby.  Here I was unscrewing a circuit board screw.

The gear-train, bridge, stator and hack on the mainplate
The delicate electronic components stay out of the cleaning machine, they are cleaned by hand with circuit cleaner

After removing scratches with the hardbuff, the gold links are then masked off to prepare brushing

Brushing complete

Bracelet, refinished.  Just need to mask and brush the locking clasp.

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