Saturday, March 5, 2011


Took a bus to visit the port city of Keelung then another bus to the Jioufen gold ecological park which is actually an old Japanese gold mining camp turned museum.  The mountains meet the sea and it's all very majestic.  Got to go down into the mining tunnels and climb a mountain up to a ruined Japanese temple.  After we got to see the 10 million dollar brick of gold we walked back to town uphill for like 10 miles.

Once back in town we went to a night market which was easily the most crowded place I've ever been-- see pictures below.

Breakfast of Champions

Keelung Harbor

Lucky Star Seaman's Club, oh yes.

Recreation of a Japanese sitting area circa 1940

Japanese contemplation area

Crown prince Hirohito's Mini-golf course.

Pacific Ocean

Not bad building materials


Fishball soup and bean noodles.  Damn tasty.

Fairly busy

Sunset on the coast

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