Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gibson Robot Guitar Tronical Wiring Diagrams

Hello again everyone.  It's been a while since I posted as I completed watchmaking school and that was the purpose of this blog.  I may post useful information randomly in the future here however as I have no desire to start another site.

I have been working on overhauling my generation 1 Gibson Les Paul Robot Guitar.  I bought it at a Guitar Center back in 2010.  It worked decently, but the controls always seemed kind of wonky.

I had to rip the guts out of the thing to refinish it, and looking at the wiring it was pretty clear that someone had been in there before me and not re-connected everything properly.

This wouldn't normally be an issue, but as far as I can surmise, the wiring diagrams are posted nowhere on the Internet.  Not on Gibson's website or forums, not on the Tronical website (who made the tuning hardware) nowhere.

Gibson Tech Support was no help either, they don't have the files.  But, thankfully, Tronical still has the information on file and was kind enough to forward it to me.  I now post it here so hopefully some of you don't have to spend hours on hold with Gibson trying to get information they seemingly don't have.

Using the cpu dial as a Tone pot in a 1 tone 1 volume configuration

Using the cpu dial as a tone pot in the SG or Les Paul style configuration

Using the cpu dial as a volume pot in the SG or Les Paul style configuration


  1. Andrew, realmente sera de grande valia esse diagrama. Recentemente adquiri uma Gibson Robot First Generation, e comecei a sentir um grande incomodo de "HUM" quando minha mão encosta na capa de metal dos captadores. Soa como se você estivesse segurando com a mão o plug da guitarra ligado ao amplificador. Ja enviei email a Gibson, mas ainda não obtive resposta quanto a isso. Me parece que o o meu sistema é a junção dos 2 esquemas que você colocou.... Pois a configuração da minha é 2 Vol e 1 Tone (Esquema 1), porem o fio laranja esta conectado ao terra como no Esquema 2.

  2. Best of luck re-wiring your guitar Allenk. I have finished my guitar and the wiring based on the diagram functions well.

  3. Then, the connection of my guitar is correct, but do not understand how the metal cover of my guitar is presenting a "HUM" horrible. It's like if I were to hand the plug amplifier cable. I've been told that is normal, most do not believe it.

    1. Make sure you have all of your pots, your pickups and your bridge grounded. It could also be a problem with your amp cable, or a problem with the power supply to your amp. I was having a similar issue, it was because I was using an incorrect power supply for my amplifier.

    2. I spent some time discussing my problem with an authorized Gibson in the US, although I have sent several photos and videos on how this my issues them at the end insisted that I came in contact with Tronical for details of my problem, even commenting that the problem was not related to the robot system but with my pickup. Anyway, I was no apparent solution, on the one hand I understand because we are at a distance and there is no 100% diagnose a problem without having the equipment at hand. They told me to try to review the land connection with the bridge of my guitar, unfortunately had no bag to dismantle all the system in recent weeks .. kkkkkkkk