Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making Case

The Omega Seamaster with the 312 movement I made the minute jumper and hammer springs for last year is lacking a case.  I have overhauled the watch and it's running well, but it's sad to see such a nice movement sit in a plastic tray.  The dial and hands are in okay condition, so I'm going to attempt to turn a brass enclosure for the movement on the lathe and install a case tube and pushers for the operation of the watch.  This will consist for a brass cylinder with a crystal pressed into it, the back will be screw-down with a display back.

So far I've modeled the watch dimensions in CAD and will begin working on the design for the case.  Then the difficult part will be turning the components on a lathe which is really too small for the job.  Stay tuned!

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