Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The last machining operation on the 3/4 plate is to cut out the recess for the sliding and winding pinions.   I disliked the lathe mill setup for this work because it was clunky and obstructed view of the work.   In living up to my own personal motto of 'doing what I can with what I got where I am' I turned one of the precision drill presses into a mill by securing the slide rest from the Levin lathe to the drilling platform.  
Then the only remaining hurdle was to find a way to affix the watch plate to the slide rest.   I accomplished this by fashioning a brass clamp out of scrap metal which can be fitted into a tool holder.   This all worked much better than expected.  

UPDATE:  After attempting on the actual plate, there was just too much drift due to the flexing of the plate.  It rendered the part functional, but not to a standard I wished to achieve.  I am not giving up on this method however, next time the plate just needs to be reinforced by sandwiching it with another piece of metal to prevent the flexing.

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