Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SAWTA 1 Project Complete

I was too focused in on this project to bother taking any pictures of the process, nothing out of the ordinary was necessary though.  I did take an old bearing and turned it into a turntable for applying perlage in a radial pattern.  I'll post pictures of that later on. 

The click is free and functioning against the spring.  It remained within tolerance after finishing so I should pass the test.  Finishing also turned out nicely.  Overall I am extremely pleased with my results.  Fingers crossed for a good grade!

UPDATE: I blued my screw and re-applied my perlage as I felt it was sub-par due to a weakness in my jig.  With that remedied I reapplied with more accuracy and success.

The completely finished project

Another shot

The click assembly though magnification

Our instructions


  1. It is impressive but I am not sure of the scale of what I am looking at. Also, thanks for enabling pseudo-anonymous commenting again.

    1. The middle polished steel 'click' portion is about the size of a US nickel.

  2. Nice one (And... filing a good and accurate square is a good exercise as well).

    Could we see your drawing please ?

    1. I turned my plans in with the exam. If I ever get those back I'll post a picture of them here.