Friday, December 7, 2012

Barrel Closers

I can't finish my clock until we mail all of the plates off to be electroplated so I'm having to do random projects in the meantime to keep myself busy.  The last two days was spent turning out 2 different styles of barrel closers on the lathe.  They are both made of black polycarbonate plastic.  In a watch, the barrel holds the mainspring and its arbor and allows the spring to be coiled and power to be transmitted.  The barrel closer allows a watchmaker to snap the watch barrel enclosure and top plate into position using even pressure.
Otherwise I have been practicing my oiling and dis/reassembly skills on an ETA 2878 movement.  I have provided some pictures of my progress below.
 One of the barrel closers and its blueprints
Incabloc shock protection bearing and cap jewel
 The movement side of the 2878 without regulator or pallet bridge
Assembled 2878 on the timing machine

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