Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some practice on a pocket watch

My grandmother gave me two of my granddads old watches.  There is an Elgin wristwatch and a pocket watch.  They both have badly worn and corroded gold electroplate finishes which I can't recover so I will just have to service the movements and polish the cases up the best I can.

The pocket watch uses a pin lever escapement and a motor barrel.  The finishing inside is very basic but functional.  The dial is dinged up and the crystal has some scratches.  Other than cosmetic issues the movement is in good condition--just needs to be cleaned and oiled. 

So this was my first chance to get practice oiling hole and cap jewels.  These are part of the watches shock absorbing system.  The balance wheel rides on a staff that is protected at both ends from shocks and likely breakage by these jewels.  It turns out that oiling them accurately is pretty tricky but I'm getting better.  The toughest part is keeping the tiny flat jewels held securely in your tweezers.  Once I get the rest of the watch put together I will post results.

The pocket watch mostly disassembled.  The balance wheel and bridge is still attached to the plate in this picture for cleaning
An assembled cap jewel, magnified 25 times
Tiny things

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