Monday, April 25, 2011

Men plan, fate laughs

Been a busy few weeks since my last post. Studying Chinese is getting more intense at the grammar becomes more complex. There was a hitch with my original plan for a 2ish year tour in Taipei to complete a business degree. As it turns out it would be more like 3-4 years and the university credits I have earned thus far would not apply in the system here. Sadly, a 3-4 year study tour is too long a period of time considering the opportunity cost of not working and spending my late twenties in an efficient manner.

With a course laid in the only question remains is when do I return to a US school to make good on those credits and complete a business degree as efficiently as possible?

It's disheartening to enter a grand scheme only to have it not come to full fruition. Good thing I'm not planning a war over here!

Oh well, to make myself feel better I have posted some almond bubble tea. Oh yes!

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