Friday, December 31, 2010

Silver and Gold

As we greet 2011 we're faced with 18% actual unemployment in the United States along with insane debt and a persistent economic crisis.  Congress and the president have been wholly derelict in their duty to uphold their oaths of office not to mention ensure fiscal sanity.  Some have hope that the new 'tea party' members of congress will be an ally in the fight for responsibility; it will be a surprise if this new bunch of politicians are even a little less treasonous than the last.

Plus side for those who hold gold and silver is that we are entering the new year with a 30 year high at $30.91 and ounce and gold at an all-time high of $1421.60/oz.  Many pundits would claim that these are testament to a bubble in these commodities however I am not so sure--after all the people declaring a bubble in these markets are the very same people who failed to foresee the housing bubble or perilous nature of the false economy.

Please do yourself a favor and take interest in economics, it is of the utmost importance that all people of all nationalities understand the basics of real economic theory.  It's only with an populace ignorant of the nature of the economy that the ruling class can fund their global military misadventures which are tantamount to mass murder.

Read the works and view the lectures of actual economists and historians at The Mises Institute they are a breath of fresh air compared to the court pundits that currently infest our airwaves.

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